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Premium Food Boutique, Gourmet 494 A place with Grocerantconcept experiencing world’s food cultures

Gourmet 494 is a space for food, entertainment and communication, built on the concept of “grocerant” (grocery + restaurant) for the first time in Korea where groceries (food ingredients) and restaurants (food and beverages) come together in one place.

It is the best place to visit for gourmets who are looking to taste the best that Seoul has to offer. For the first time in Korea, Gourmet 494 introduced the smart finder system, a location-based service enabling visitors to receive the food they ordered brought to their tables. In an effort to actively strengthen its communication with customers, Gourmet 494 also offers the “buy big” service, by which large-sized products are brought straight to the counter, in addition to opening the “cut and bake” corner for the first time in Korea, where sweet potatoes and other vegetables are steamed on the spot to offer more convenience. Its professional concierge also offers consultations for gifts, delivery and catering services.


Gourmet 494 PB, products carefully selected by Galleria, represents the pride of Gourmet 494 which aims to provide only the best to its customers and pursues uncompromising quality as the most important value.


Organic Rice

Organic rice grown on pesticidefree fields of Yeoju, Gyeonggi Province, using organic fertilizers to produce only the healthiest and most delicious rice

Sesame Oil/Perilla Oil

Sesame and perillaoil carefully extracted from newly harvested sesame and perillaseeds of the highest quality grown in the ocher soil of Gochang, a UNESCO designated biosphere reserve

Organic Sesame Oil/Perilla Oil

Organic sesame and perilla oil, produced just once a year and available only in limited quantities, made from sesame and perilla seeds newly harvested in Geumgangsong-myeonin Uljin, GyeongbukProvince, using pharmaceutical filters for expeditious filtering rather than using the time-consuming natural sedimentation method

Traditional Soybean Paste and Red Pepper Paste

Gourmet 494’s naturally-fermented soybean paste and red pepper paste handmade using traditional methods in an old house with a 500-year history located in UNESCO-designated biosphere reserve Yeongju, Gyeongbuk Province

OpyeongEggs Laid in Chestnut Tree Forests

Organic free-range eggs laid by hens bred on soil kept organically rich for the past 37 years in the stress-free natural environment of BonuiChestnut Tree Forest

Organic Grass-fed Milk

Organic milk from grass-fed cows raised on organic pasture grass in Korea’s No. 1 animal welfare farms and characterized by the extra deep flavor created by the optimal environment in which cows are raised and the sterilization methods

Naturally-fermented Vinegar

Naturally-fermented vinegar rich in organic acids, aged for at least 5 years in the course of primary alcohol fermentation and secondary acetic fermentation using raw materials such as fruits and wild grass grown in biosphere reserves

Home Meal Replacement

Beef bone soup and ox tail soup made from Gourmet 494’s signature hanwoo(Korean beef)
“Gangjinmekwoo” as well as kimchi jjigae(stew), soybean paste jjigae and red pepper paste jjigae presented by food master Kwon Kiok