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faure le page

With 300 years of history and tradition, La MaisonFaure le Page was founded in the early years of the reign of Louis XV and established its name as the original armorer to European kings and princes, including Napoleon. It engaged in the history of France by arming the revolutionaries of the French Revolution in 1789 and 1830, while great authors such as Balzac, Dumas, Chateaubriand and Pushkin have celebrated this House in their novels. Given that its current handbag collection originated from the history of crafting leather cases and bags for firearms, swords and ammunition, it comes as no surprise that La MaisonFaure le Page was destined to be the master of leathercraft.

The condition of victory is the same in love and war. Since 1717, under the motto “Armed for seduction”, Faure le Page continues to craft weapons that will capture someone’s heart. Faure le Page’s eighth store in the world celebrates its opening in Seoul, on the first floor of Galleria Luxury Hall East.

  • Galleria Luxury Hall East 1F 02-3449-4390