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Launched in 2007, Noesais a German cell care brand that uses state-of-the-art modern science to write a new page in beauty care by developing Danadem, a complex of ingredients that has a structure similar to that of human skin. Coming from the word Noes –meaning mind, soul and reason in Latin – Noesawas born in the Mind Lab of Dr. GerdGerken, who was well-known as the psychological counselor of many German celebrities in the late 1970s. Through one-on-one coaching programs, he developed scents and essences, and also found in the course of his research that wild plants held energy that is over twice as strong as that of cultivated plants. These findings led to the birth of Noesa, bringing together the strong energy of wild plants and cutting-edge modern science to cause change from deep within our skin and bring out spontaneous beauty inside all of us.

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