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Our History

Since its foundation in 1976, Hanwha Solutions Galleria Division has established itself as a leading distribution company in the premium lifestyle market.


No.1 Premium

Since the renewal of Galleria Luxury Hall, we have consolidated our
position as Korea’s hub for the latest fashion and lifestyle trends based on
our extensive networks of premium luxury brands.

Present - 2010's

2020 Gwanggyo Store Open
(2020.2 expected)

2014 Renewed Galleria Luxury Hall West

2013 Separated Beans & Berries
as a social enterprise

2012 Renewed Galleria Luxury Hall food court (Gourmet 494)


During the 2000s, we focused on strengthening our business capabilities
by expanding our department store business and strengthening our
competitiveness in the existing department store business.


2010 Opened Galleria Center City

2008 Partially renewed Galleria

2007 Opened The Galleria Jinju

2006 Extended two floors of The
Galleria Suwon

2006 Changed CI

2006 Expanded Beans & Berries

2004 Renewed Galleria Fashion Hall into Luxury Hall West and the existing
Luxury Hall into Luxury Hall East

2003 Opened The Galleria Concos
at Seoul Station

2000 Acquired Dongyang Department
Store, Co., Ltd.

First Mover

During the 1990s, we stood proud as the symbol of the premium luxury
hall by integrating the brand identity (BI) of all department stores into
“Galleria” and opening the first luxury department store for the first time in
the Korean retail market.


1997 Integrated BI

1997 Opened Galleria Timeworld

1995 Changed company name to
Hanwha Stores Co., Ltd.

1995 Opened The Galleria Suwon

1990 Renewed Galleria Department Store


During the 1980s, we secured our position as a professional distribution
company in Korea by expanding our department store business, among
other achievements.


1989 Opened Hanwha Department
Store Cheonanbranch
(formerly Center City)

1985 Opened the apparel store Parco
(Currently Galleria Luxury Hall East)

1985 Incorporated into Hanwha Group
as an affiliate; Acquired Hanyang
Distribution Co., Ltd.

1983 Opened Hanyang Shopping
Center Jamsil branch


We grew into a reputable professional distribution company in Korea by
opening the first department store in Gangnam, Seoul, and expanding
our business areas.


1979 Opened HanyangShopping
Center Yeongdongbranch
(currently Galleria Luxury Hall West)

1976 Established Hanyang
Super Co., Ltd.

1975 Opened Hanyang Store
Yeouido branch