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Values and Vision

Our Story


Our Value

Galleria, which began as a distribution service provider in 1976, now has five nationwide branches: Galleria Luxury Hall in Seoul, The Galleria Suwon, Daejeon Timeworld, Cheonan Center City and The Galleria Jinju. The Galleria Luxury Hall, the first in Korea to introduce the concept, is currently one of the country’s finest luxury department stores. While Luxury Hall East offers high-end luxury goods of timeless, priceless value, Luxury Hall West is organized so that its customers can experience the latest global fashion trends and food cultures. With Galleria Luxury Hall at the forefront, each branch of Galleria department stores offers a wide variety of trendsetting products and unique food culture experiences as the No.1 department store in their respective regions.

Way 01

No. 1 Destination in Korea
for Global Luxury Brands
for Trendsetters

From global luxury brands to Galleria’s exclusive brands, we seek to become the ultimate style destination for trendsetters worldwide.

Way 02

The standard of
VIP service through

From valet parking service for all customers for the first time in Korea to PSR* service, we offer customer service of the highest level, performed by trained professionals in a sophisticated manner.

*PSR: Personal Shopper Room

Way 03

Galleria, representing
local Landmarks

Each of our branches is unique in its own way and positions itself as a local landmark: Korea’s first grocerant department store, Suwon’s first department store, No. 1 luxury department store in Chungcheong Province and No. 1 department store in west Gyeongnam Province.

Our Vision

Leader in the retail industry offering premium trends and differentiated customer experiences. Galleria's new vision is to be the “No. 1 Premium Contents Producer” that delivers leading trends and offers differentiated customer experiences. Galleria will reinforce its functions and capabilities to evolve into a customer-based distributor and solidify its position as a company that offers utmost customer satisfaction through products and services of the highest quality.

 No. 1 Premium Contents Producer No. 1 Premium Contents Producer

01 ─ Strengthening the Competitiveness

Discovering exclusive brands

Strengthening unrivaled status by launching new brands in the Korean market for the first time

Developing F&B contents

Strengthening customized F&B contents in line with rapidly-changing customer needs

Differentiating VM*

Proposing Galleria’s exclusive VM through differentiated store image for each season and highly sophisticated store organization

*VM: Visual Merchandising

Strengthening the loyalty

Establishing the industry’s best PSR customer management system by strengthening VIP-exclusive organization, one-on-one personalized services, etc

02 ─ Strengthening Digital Strategies

We will provide the highest quality of customer
service by establishing a digital-based shopping
environment and implementing integrated
management of customer communication channels.

Omnichannel retail

Offering IT-based shopping
experiences and strengthening
customer convenience

Integrated management of
communication channels

Delivering unified messages
through channel integration etc.

Establishing a digitalbased
management environment

Managing systematic customer
DB and work process

03 ─ Expanding New Business Areas

Based on the successful promotion of the Gwanggyo complex
development project (expecting its grand opening in 2020),
we plan to build the No. 1 premium department store in
Gyeonggi’s core commercial area. We will work aggressively in
our pursuit of developing large-scale complex facilities by
continuously cooperating with other group companies (in the
field of construction and hotels & resorts) to maximize synergy.

Furthermore, we will endeavor to become the “No. 1 Premium
Contents Producer” leading the retail industry by continuing
our search for differentiated contents that will provide
new experiences for our customers.