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Our HR Value

Based on company’s core values, talent who can help
achieve Galleria’s Vision and create differentiated Value

Our HR Value

  • Expertise

    A person who generates the best performance based on his or her expertise in fashion retail

    • Understanding of fashion and the retail industry
    • Continued interest in trends and contents
    • Proficiency in foreign languages required for global business
  • Change

    A person who leads changes with a dynamic attitude by thinking outside the box

    • Future-oriented and openminded thinking
    • Enthusiastic attitude open to changes
    • Leadership initiating changes and differentiation in the industry
  • Communication

    A person who generates new values with an open mind and cooperative spirit

    • Outstanding external and internal communication abilities
    • An open mind with which to express one’s own opinions and accept those of others
    • Trust and cooperation to achieve common goals

Galleria’s Vision

Spreading Leading Trends and Providing Differentiated
Customer Experiences
“No.1 Premium Contents Producer”

Core Values of Hanwha Group