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New Employee Training

Support for introductory and mentoring programs

New Employee Training
  • Training in understanding the company and strengthening basic job capacity upon employment
  • Training in understanding the department and adjusting to work upon job assignment
  • Financial support for job capacity learning and one-on-one mentoring throughout the first year
Hanwha Group
Introductory Course
  • The Hanwha Spirit and Core Values
  • Understanding of Corporations and Organizations
  • Business Manners and Basic Capabilities of New Employees
Galleria Introductory
  • Understanding of the Company
  • Strengthening of Basic Job Capacity
  • Understanding of Job Assignment and Adjusting to Job Duties
  • Outdoor and Cultural Activities
New Employee
  • OA, Business Communication, Common Training (including Finance & Accounting) and Negotiation Skills Training
  • Job Learning Expense Support
  • One-on-one Mentoring