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Organizational Culture of Participation

Culture and activities created by all employees

“Galleria Photo Contest” Event
Galleria Abandoned Animal Protection Volunteer Corps “PARAN”
  • Sexual harassment-free Healthy Galleria & Safety-first Galleria putting the safety of customers and employees first
  • Coming to and leaving work on time and building a sound culture regarding corporate dinners
    (Forming an atmosphere of coming to and leaving work on time, refraining from impromptu corporate dinners, attending corporate dinners on a voluntary basis, keeping business dinners short, replacing business dinners with cultural activities, etc.)
  • In-house social media events to create a flexible organizational culture
    (Visiting popular restaurants with team members, colleague commendation project, family vacation program, etc.)
  • Various volunteer activities participated by employees
    (Animal protection volunteer corps “PARAN,” Gift donation to children from low income families “Galleria Love Aid,” etc.)