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Social Contribution Activities

Major Direction

Social Contribution Philosophy “Further Together”

Building a relationship of solid trust with local communities based on its founding philosophy, “Serving Our Country through Business” and the Hanwha spirit of “Confidence and Loyalty”, Hanwha seeks to fulfill its social responsibilities as a corporate citizen through its philosophy and principle behind social contribution, “Further Together”

Partner for Future Generations
Sharing our warmth from hand to hand, from heart to heart, Hanwha Solutions Galleria Division seeks to be a company that shares its generous heart. Like a friend building the future together by your side, we want to show through our actions that small hearts can come together and build a better tomorrow. By putting “us” before “me”, we hope to convey the hope of the future from today to tomorrow.
Socially Responsible Company
Since 2002, Hanwha Solutions Galleria Division has been undertaking a variety of social contribution activities to become a company that faithfully fulfills its social responsibility as a corporate citizen rather than satisfaction at being a commended company.
Systematic and Sustainable Company
We are making a variety of efforts to systematically and sustainably carry out our social contribution activities. Under our social contribution philosophy, “Further Together”, we have organized and established an organization in charge of social contribution and undertake activities in various areas such as talent development, culture & arts, environmental protection and volunteering & donations.
Supporting Paid Volunteering Programs
We have introduced “paid volunteering programs” whereby employees can participate in volunteer activities during their work hours, the purpose of which is to provide more practical benefits of welfare services to beneficiaries, as opposed to simple donations, and encourage voluntary work by our employees.
Advocate of Matching Grant Funding System
We have introduced a matching grant system to secure the funding necessary for our social contribution activities. Matching grant is a system by which the company supports funds to equal amount to the funds raised by employees, through which we have been raising the amount of funds since 2004 by increasing the match ratio paid by the company.
Friends For Tomorrow
Big Smile = Two People Facing Each Other
The big smile on the face of an innocent child, looked at closely are the faces of two people facing each other. It embraces the determination and beliefs of Hanwha Solutions Galleria Division that form the backbone of our social contribution activities. Our future will be as bright as the smile on a child’s face when our social contribution work helps to bring the next generation of our society together as one and nurtures it to grow into healthy members of society, which is symbolized by the faces of two people looking at one another.

Social Contribution

  • Culture and Arts Education Program “Hanwha Art Plus”

    Since 2009, we have been running education programs in culture and arts for children and youth across the country in cooperation with the Korea Mecenat Association. Through the Hanwha Art Plus program, we help children develop emotional stability and creativity through participating in culture, arts and education.

  • Health Support Program for Children from Socially Vulnerable Families “Hope Trainer”

    Since 2016, we have joined hands with Child Fund Korea in running support programs to help promote the physical and emotional health of children from socially vulnerable families. Professional trainers and Galleria’s employees become “hope trainers” and help to build a healthy future for them.

  • “Sharing Tree” and “Wish Day” for Children with Incurable Diseases

    We support children with incurable diseases by helping their wishes come true, in cooperation with Make-A-Wish Foundation Korea, an organization dedicated to granting the wishes of children suffering from critical illnesses. We hold end-of-year events delivering hopes and dreams for children with incurable diseases admitted to major hospitals nationwide.

  • “PARAN Project” Advocating the Rights and Needs of Pets

    The aim of the PARAN (Protection of Animal Rights and Animal Needs) project is to contribute to establishing an advanced pet culture in Korea, as part of our efforts to build a society of sharing and understanding where all life can live in harmony.

  • Galleria Working Alongside Local Communities

    As the No. 1 local landmark, each and every business site of Galleria undertake volunteer activities on a regular basis in local social welfare institutions, children’s centers and welfare centers for persons with disabilities located in respective regions. Through continued and voluntary participation of our employees, we are turning volunteering into an everyday habit, and sharing corporate culture.