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Fair Trade Implementation System

CEO Message

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Based on the trust and confidence of our customers and partners, Galleria Department Store endeavors to ensure that a mature culture of compliance management takes root and a fair society is established in Korea.

Since making our official declaration of fair trade compliance in March 2002, we have established an advanced corporate culture by implementing a compliance program as well as undertaking education and monitoring to raise awareness among all of our employees.

We implement a strict zero-tolerance policy toward all violations of fair trade laws and regulations that damage our credibility and fairness, while making various efforts with all employees to establish and further develop a culture of compliance within the company.

The practice of transparent and fair business processes is the basis of fair competition and mutual growth.

Going forward, we will listen closely to the opinions of our customers and partner companies based on our transparent management environment. At the same time, we will faithfully fulfill our roles as a company of exemplary standing in compliance management through our strong commitment to fair trade compliance.

Hanwha Solutions Galleria Division Co., Ltd.
Kim Eun-Soo, CEO

Determination of Compliance Manager

What is a compliance manager?

On behalf of the CEO, a compliance manager has the overall authority and responsibility over fair trade compliance within the company - e.g., designing and operation of the compliance program, organizational management, inspection of the status of such operation, monitoring/supervision, sanctions, improvement/rectification, etc. - to prevent violations of the Fair Trade Act. The compliance manager is obliged to report any plans and results relating to the operation of the company's compliance program to the Board of Directors.

Message from the Compliance Manager

Since making their official announcement of fair trade compliance on March 26, 2002, Hanwha Solutions Galleria Division Co., Ltd. and Hanwha Galleria Timeworld Co., Ltd. have taken corporate ethics as their highest priority, establishing a corporate culture of compliance with laws and principles by adopting a compliance program

Fairness and transparency in corporate management have become essential elements for sustainable growth in the corporate business environment, and ultimately are crucial issues directly linked to the survival of companies themselves.

We urge all employees to voluntarily and actively participate in establishing an environment for compliance by inspecting and preventing illegal conduct through our compliance program.

We ask all employees to take the lead in creating a transparent and clean corporate culture that aligns with global standard by strictly observing fair trade laws and the company's Code of Conduct.

Kim Kyu-Chan, Compliance Manager, Hanwha Solutions Galleria Division Co., Ltd.
Kim Yong-Soo, Compliance Manager, Hanwha Galleria Timeworld Co., Ltd.

Pledge of Action

Pledge of Action for Fair Trade

We, Hanwha Solutions Galleria Division Co., Ltd. and Hanwha Galleria Timeworld Co., Ltd., pledge to carry out each of our roles and responsibilities to eradicate unfair practices in the course of our employees' business procedures and to develop into an ethical company that fully complies with fair trade laws and regulations.

  • I shall respect the market order and shall not gain any benefits through unlawful meansoutside of the law or business ethics.
  • I shall protect customers and voluntarily comply with fair trade laws and regulations for the sound development of the retail industry.
  • I shall not engage in unfair collaborative acts or trade practices in accordance with the principles of free economy.
  • I shall neither prepare or use contracts of unfair terms, nor engage in acts of illegal advertising.
  • I shall not instruct, participate in, approve or overlook any violation of fair trade in the course of performing my business duties.
  • I shall actively and thoroughly carry out the fair trade compliance program to ensure that a fair and transparent culture of competition can take root in the company.
  • I shall maintain cooperative relationships with partner companies based on mutual trust and shall not engage in any unfair or unethical conduct by misusing my position of superiority.